Organic Products for Pets

No way around it, animals eat, play with toys, and are based on a recurring basis. Pet owners want to know which are the safest for family members Teddy their products. Americans spend more than $ 13 million per year on products for pets, so the market of considerable size and complexity.

Between 2006 and 2008, over 23,000 tons of pet food company involved in a recall to the national level. It was more than 100 different brands. Melamine-contaminated food caused serious and often fatal kidney failure in cats and dogs. Ultimately, pet owners and veterinarians have been felt in doubt about food safety for pets. Since the incident in 2007, the Food and Drug Administration has introduced several legislative changes, however, security remains a concern because there were several reminders after the act was implemented.

In addition, in 2009, Washington Toxic Coalition tried more than 400 products for pets to find, in his case, toxic chemicals in them. The results were disturbing, finding 25 percent of chew toys and pet collars tested contained high levels of lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. While 28 of these products showed toxicity levels above 300 ppm, which is the standard of lead content in children’s products, created by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Again, the health of our pets and safety is at risk of illness and disease.

In addition, the Defense Council lists of chemicals, organophosphates and carbamates found in shampoos and conditioners for pets to interfere with the transmission of nerve signals in the body. There is evidence of the enforcement provision of the likely long-term health in children when exposed to these products in early life, including cancer, Parkinson’s disease and a possible link l autism. What are these chemicals are our pets then?

To avoid the risk of proprietary products for pets have options. Organic is an excellent choice because these products for pets have a better quality than non-organic. In addition, support for organic products for pets in better nutrition, help to facilitate digestion, the animals have fewer allergies, which in turn reduces health care bills for their fur family.

Therefore, our pets are our best friends and family members. We all want to improve the health of our pets to give them the longevity they deserve. The conclusion is that you decide is best for the health of your pet. In addition, if your pet shows unusual behavior, loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, immediately consult your veterinarian.

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