Make Yourself Familiar with Highlighted Hamster Breeds

There are usually five types of hamsters that are found as pets in homes. It is a fact that they are the most popular pets that people like to have in their house because they are not only cute but they are also lively and delightful as well. For the children who are growing up, hamsters can be the most exemplary pets which they love to have. They are the ideal choice for most of the people as a first pet due to their small size, low cost and shorter time investments.  There are so many factors and considerations you must take into your account before going to buy a hamster pet for your home because there are some breeds that are ideal for the children while some work best for the adults.

Syrian hamsters are the first breed of the hamsters and the can also be called as golden hamsters or teddy bear hamsters. They are the most popular hamsters that are kept as pets in the homes.  They are very easy to handle and are ideal for children however they are not social with other hamsters and all of them are nocturnal in nature. Dwarf Campbell Russian hamsters are the second type of hamsters and are found to be more social than the previous ones. They are not as easy to handle as the Syrian ones and when they are nervous or feel threatened then they may also nip.

Dwarf winter white Russian hamsters are same in behavioral means as the second ones and most of them are active during the day time and are easy to be kept in the pairs and groups of same sex. People may found them very sweet and friendly and they do not even bite when they are nervous or frightened. Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters is the special breed of the hamsters. They are friendly in nature and are known to have good temperament.  Due to their size and suppleness they are better in order to observe then to handle.  They are also nocturnal in nature.

Chinese hamsters are also called as striped or Chinese striped hamsters as well which are not very much social but it is better to house them independently because although they are friendly and gracious towards human they can be very aggressive towards other hamsters.  They are rarely active during the day time and most of them are active during the night.

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